A Blog of Commentsb

I would like to begin by thanking Daring Fireball for breaking the final straw leading to the creation of this blog. If it were not for people writing these sorts of things, then this blog would never have come to be.

You write on your site; I write on mine. That’s a response. I don’t use comments on Wilcox’s site to respond publicly to his pieces, but somehow it’s unfair that he can’t use comments on my site to respond to mine?

I’ll Tell You What’s Fair

I already have my own personal blog and a podcast. Why in the world would I need yet another avenue for personal expression? For many years I have frequently commented on other people’s blogs. I imagine I’ve spent a great deal of time typing a great many words. But why did I do it? Almost all of that was for naught. Well, no more will I type into the aether.

Commenting on the blogs of others is, now that I truly realize it, a pretty big waste of time. Your comment will never get any real attention. Have you ever seen anyone pass around a link to a specific comment? Not often. People share links to posts, not comments. Why choose to write a letter to the editor of one newspaper when you are free to take the front page of another?

Comments are fraught with many other problems as well. They can be lost to the ages when blogs disappear. They can be moderated out of existence. You have to remember you wrote them to revisit the blog and see if there are any replies. Most of your comments are simply lost to time and space as the original blog post becomes old and forgotten. Communities that form around specific sites can give you guff. You sometimes have to maintain registrations at various sites to get commenting privileges, something which Disqus has somewhat mitigated. And let us not forget those sites which do not allow you to comment at all.

Consider a large site like Engadget. Some posts there have thousands of comments. There’s no reason to ever post there. In all likelihood your post will never be read by any human being. Why write something meaningful that will not be read? If what you write is not meaningful, why write it at all?

Therefore, I have completely given up commenting on other blogs. Whenever I feel the need to post a comment, I will simply write my comment here and link to the post to which I am replying. The reason I have made a separate blog for this is because I do not want my commentary on the work of others to pollute the channels containing my own original works.

If only I had done this for as long as comments have existed. Years of my comments would all be collected and preserved in one place instead of scattered to the winds. C’est la vie.

Ironically, I have enabled the commenting feature on this very blog, but perhaps you should reconsider whether you should be using it.