Meet the “Crying Girl” con artist of Davis, California

BoingBoing has posted a story about the “epic” tale of some scam artist girl out in California.

Meet the “Crying Girl” con artist of Davis, California has earned a spot on the Davis Wiki, with photos tracked down by the Wiki’s users.

Meet the “Crying Girl” con artist of Davis, California

I don’t know anything about Davis, California, but I don’t imagine it’s a big city. Well, maybe the Davis residents should visit Los Angeles more often. I can tell you that in New York City, we have no shortage of people pulling identical scams every single day.

There are the guys who offer to give you a CD of their music for free, but then they offer to sign it and ask for a “donation.” There are people who rent Sesame Street costumes and roam the streets taking pictures with kids and asking for “donations.” They are not associated with Sesame Street in any official capacity. Oh, and that’s just some of what you see on the corner directly outside my office without even walking one block or crossing the street. The old story of “I need bus/train fare” is as common as a vuvuzela at a South African football match.

Look how much effort has been put into making  wiki page investigating this one person. There really must be nothing better to do out in Davis, Hey, if you guys like investigating street scams, come on over. The NYPD is hiring.

I have a new headline for this article. Tell me if you like it. “Every day occurrence in New York City is headline news in suburb.” People wonder why us city folk have an attitude like the one I am presently putting on display. This is why. You country folk are extremely provincial. Get with the times.

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